BIOMIMETIC. enables you to harness the power of nature and bring it your products

A significant value of products is hidden in how product surfaces are interacting with both the environment and humans.  Nature has come with many properties by creating specific textures at the size of nanometers onto the surfaces of animals and plants. For example, lotus leaves have micro-structured textures that provides self cleaning properties to the plant and sharkskin inhibits bacteria to form biological film due its microscopic skin texture. By copying these textures designers can revolutionize the capabilities of manufactured goods without the need of extensive costs and modifications of product surfaces. However the translation of the nature inspired ideas into tangible product find the barrier of the existing production techniques which incapable to mass produce the biomimetic textures on a large -commercially viable- scale. This is where BIOMIMETIC. technology is filling the gap.

ONE process MANY unseen possibilities

BIOMIMETIC. has developed a material processing unit that produce a portfolio of biomimetic surfaces with disruptive possibilities for functionalizing surfaces. Our technology brings properties of materials & surfaces found in nature to artificial materials by providing biomimetic surface multifunctionlization of product surfaces. The core of our technology is a unique laser processing that is inducing the formation of biomimetic structures on material surface.


The process is product agnostic and it can be applied and combined with existing manufacturing lines.  BIOMIMETIC. modules can treat variety of materials including metals, glass and plastic. Furthermore, the process can be combined with nano-imprinting technologies and injection molding processes  in order to transfer the textures onto mass produced plastic good.


Whatever your product is, BIOMIMETIC. can offer multiple biomimetic properties on single surface. With this unique capability the  The engineer/product designers become capable to specify the desired (biomimetic) multiple functionalities on the product surface.